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Mar 18

Whenever we broke up for the first time’ I aint’ gonna lie..I cried..I cried harder than I ever did. Even though we were only together for 2 months’ it felt like forever. And all in that one night..forever ended. It hurt me to see that I could easily be replaced. All those feelings you shared with me, all those plans we made for our future, all those sweet, caring, loving words you said to me. How could they mean nothing to you, when they felt like everything to me. For days and days after that, I couldn’t smile without thinking about you. Because even though you hurt me so much, all I could think about was the times’ you made me smile. It hurt me more at night, because that was the time when we talked and talked, about everything. For days after that it was hard for me to smile like I meant laugh like it made me happy. I couldnt’ be happy anymore…all I ever thought about was you. About us. I was so happy to know that you wanted to talk to me when I came home and your number was on our phone. But I was too scared to call you back. When I saw you in the hallways, I wanted to grab you and hug you and tell you how much I wanted to be with you again, and wanted to tell you that I wished there was a US again. But it was too hard. But now were back together again..not even 5 days later, you were back in my arms again. I was once again, the happiest I ever been. People said I was dumb for letting you back in my life..and that you were just gonna do it again. But I honestly didnt’ long as I had you again.! And now I do..4 months later and Im’ still that happy person I was when we first met!(: <3 -NickLeviCharging!(:

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